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Our Bulletin Board of Faculties are filled with Experienced and On-Job Professionals. This helps our students to learn from practical experiences. Expertise of our faculties help us to be the best aviation academy in Chennai.

Our faculties are dedicated towards moulding the career path of Young professionals to achieve their flying dreams.

International Syllabus

Our Syllabus is tailor-made that has international standards. We deliver students with efficient knowledge that could be beneficial during the career progression. Wide covered syllabus of our aviation academy in Chennai, helps our students manage and excel in their performance with their employers.

We cover the syllabus in more practical ways and prepare our students to face upcoming challenges during their on-board.

Quality Education

Patron International believes in more quality than quantity. Our holistic approach towards education makes things easier for our students. We make them professional on their jobs and a sociologist in the society.

Basic and Advanced etiquettes will be taught by us in an even more friendly manner. This grooms them to be successful in every tasks they undertake.

Air Conditioned Classroom

Classrooms have been air conditioned which provides students to concentrate on the lecturers comfortably. We ensure that high hospitality is provided and distraction free environment gives the ultimate joy of learning.

We make a peaceful environment for our students so as high levels of concentration is never a demanding one.

Smart Classroom

In this new era of Digitalization, we have also adapted according to trends. Patron International offers smart classroom trainings apart from traditional ones. Hi-Tech classrooms help us to be the best and deliver our best.

Level of commitments our students show, are also exceptional. We love their observation on the delivery of lectures through Smart digital medium.

Wifi Enabled Campus

24 * 7 WiFi connectivity, uninterruptedly allows our students to be connected to internet. Required information can be collected to enhance their knowledge and sharpen the skills. Patron International strongly believes that Internet is a game changer in the field of Education.

WiFi campus combined with smart classrooms helps our students stay ahead and have a better learning experience.


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